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    Default NFS Hot Pursuit for PS3 & X360 [24.85 & 25.85] appear to be having some cracking deals in the run up to Christmas, this is one of them. So if you feel like getting some of that classic NFS action where you thrash an exotic around exotic locations being chased by PC Plod and his Blue Squad then here's your chance for about 5-10 less than most places at the moment. NFS Hot Pursuit for Xbox 360 - 25.85 NFS Hot Pursuit for PS3 - 24.85
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    Grrr, I spent 37.97 on mine.

    Ahhh well its a mint game!

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    LMAO another EA game deal. This is getting beyond coincidence.

    Anyway Shopto have reduced this game even more so yeah.
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    Wow lol. Shifting some last minute units for Christmas are we. Worth a look btw, good bit of fun.

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