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    Default Monitors? Help!

    Hey guys , looking for a little guidence here, as im currently loaded with cash im now looking at a new monitor.

    Minimum Specs :

    TFT 19" HD

    (HD is a must be)

    Can be bigger than 19" but thats minimum

    Price atm seems no object.

    So what do u say guys, gimme sum ideas!

    (also please use a well known shops, not any local ones that are un heard of )


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    Default Re: Monitors? Help!

    Check out iiyama monitors, they are one of the best brands around and there stuff is always rated very high in reviews and consumer reviews. £239 ex. VAT
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    Default Re: Monitors? Help!

    Arn't all moniters HD. I just got the VGA cable for my 1280 by 1024 and the pictures qualitys brilliant, much better than my TV. As for advice, all I can say is that my DGM (or that's what it says at the top) moniter isn't great.
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    Default Re: Monitors? Help!

    Most monitors are a lot better than the HD TVs out. I think the highest quality an xbox 360 is set to run at is 1920 x 1200. Not sure what the highest rating HD tv is but it will cost a fortune.

    As long as you use VGA cable into your PC monitor your near enough guaranteed to get a higher resolution pic than a HD tv



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