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    Default Thermaltake Shark PC Gaming Case

    Hey guys, thought i would share my new pc gaming case that i got today. It's called a Thermaltake shark and it looks awesome . I needed a case like this because my old case was getting way too hot from playing tdu with the new graphics card i got (EVGA GeForce 8800GTS Superclocked) so i suggested getting a gaming case. My dad went down to a pc shop and asked about cases and the guy recommended this one and said it would be good for games too as it's made of alluminium. So we ordered that and it was delivered start of this week and today we went in to get the guy to fit the case and to get the pc reformatted and also a reinstall of windows as it was giving me errors 24/7. Here are some pictures of the case at night and in the light, hope you like them

    In the light

    Looking inside the case

    Case with the monitor on

    Pictures of the case in darkness!

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    *Is very jealous* Lol good for you, and great pictures Lol.

    Not gonna mention in that post that you left your TDU disc in your old disc drive?

    Oops, I guess I did for you

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    Yeah that sucked. I'm hoping that the guy hasn't disposed of the old dvd drive as my dad decided to get a new one. My dad said that "They're cheap nowadays and it was only 30 quid", I'm like "Haven't you spent enough already to be spending even more on things that we don't need!" LOL. Oh well lets hope that i do get the disc back. Well i'm not really bothered as he said if it did get thrown out he will buy me a new one. He knows i love the game so much anyway

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    That looks really nice! Give me!

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    Yo nice choice they gave you thermaltake owns. I have the Thermaltake Armor. Its huge but when you touch it the exterior is so cold. I love THERMALTAKE.

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    Nice case I see you have a new case too. But at least yours is up and running.

    No I will not post a pic when it's up and running as it's very boring and if I do night shots you want see it. So need to buy some colour LED fans but must get it working first before I pimp it up.
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    Looks strangly like the side of an SLR, the outtakes i mean.
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