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    Default Colin McRae memorial cruise

    Hi guys. As I'm sure by now, most of you would have heard the terrible news about McRae. Thus I am proposing we organise a cruise in the near future to remember him by. Here's what I am having in mind:
    -Hold it maybe this weekend, if the servers condition can improve
    -Front engined 4WD cars, as a nod to WRC and rally cars
    -Preferably Red, White or Blue cars as a nod to McRae's Citroen Xsara, Ford Focus and Subaru Impreza rally cars

    Mods, if you would like to add anything or organise this on our behalf, please do so. This is only a suggestion.

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    Are there front engined 4WD cars in-game?

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    TBH i don't really see how this will work in Test Drive. It would in other games but seen as test drive has nothing to do with rallying and is more on supercars etc.. i'm not sure..

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    I am trying to work out how to do this in TDU. I will have a think about cars and off-road or not.

    Rally type stages using the roads without traffic was one idea I was thinking about.
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    The Nissan Skyline is 4WD and is great off road, there are a few places on the island where there are off road tracks. Most obvious one is in the creator bottom right near the city, there's a dirt path which is fun to do laps.

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    Nice idea, i'll be there

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    Me too. Rest in peace, McRae.

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    Cool, when will this be, I'd like to come
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    There are plenty of off road trails in TDU. how about making everyone go in H mode & we can go drifting around the trails like real rally cars to remember him? By the way i'll be there if i can make it.

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