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    Default Picture uploader and Smiley Issue.

    Everytime I click on the button to open the attatchment window to post pics or click on the button to view all simlies when creating a post, the window opens says about:blank or then closes striaght away. I've only managed to get the smilies to open once this morning. It was also doing this yesterday.

    This might only be me as it is happening over on the official forum aswell. I'[ve cleared all cookies and temp files, etc and its still happening so if anyone knows what could sort it out it would be much appriciated.
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    Well I can tell you for certain that it's just you. The only thing I can really think of is that your browser thinks it's a pop up and closes it for you. Have you checked your firewall as updates to it can sometimes effect what it allows and doesn't. Also if you're using IE, try with Firefox and see if that works.

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    It working now, for some reason my IE 7 pop up blocker become really strict for some reason, don't know why. Thanks speed +rep

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    With about blank there is a virus around that shows certain pages as this. Might not be this but worth knowing about.
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