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    Default Make phone calls on ur ds

    Make Phone Calls With Nintendo DS

    Posted by EMorton - Friday, September 14, 2007 2:00 PM

    Those of you who havenít bought Steve Jobís magnificent iPhone yet, wait. You might want to consider an alternative communications device, the Nintendo DS!
    Just weeks after someone discovered how to hack the iPhone, someone else, namely the hacker, samuelv has figured out how to hack the DS in order to give it VoIP functionality.
    This means that if you have an SIP account you can use the DS to make phone calls. Save yourself a couple hundred bucks and pick up one these babies instead, that way you can stay connected with your loved ones and save the Mushroom Kingdom with the same piece of hardware.
    Engadget: Nintendo DS gets VoIP

    wow the things hackers are achieving these days.They even thought of how how to unlock ur iphone.
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    Wow, can it store phone numbers?


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