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    Default Newsflash: McLaren hit with constuctors' ban

    From BBC sport............

    McLaren have been stripped of their points in the 2007 Formula One constructors championship after the outcome of the 'spygate' row.

    The team was also fined a record $100m (£49.2m), which includes any prize and television money they would have earned from the constructors' championship.

    But drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso can keep their points.

    The team must also prove there is no Ferrari 'intellectual property' in their cars next year before racing.

    The decision means Ferrari, who are currently second in the constructors' championship, 57 points ahead of third-placed BMW Sauber, are almost certain to be crowned champions.

    When he left the hearing, FIA president Max Mosley was asked if justice had been done, and replied "Yes".

    A Ferrari statement said: "In light of new evidence, facts and behaviour of an extremely serious nature and grossly prejudicial to the interest of the sport have been further demonstrated.

    "Ferrari is satisfied that the truth has now emerged."

    McLaren team chief Ron Dennis is due to give his reaction to the verdict at a 1915 BST news conference.
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    Gutted for McLaren.

    Unless it's something to do with cheating. Then I laugh in their face.

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    McLaren team chief Ron Dennis is due to speak at a 1915 BST news conference.
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    I agree with the FIA for not stripping the drivers as it is not their fault but fully back them for stripping the team of the constructors points.

    But it could have been worse for Ron as he could have had both his drivers stripped of points aswell.

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    I agree, at least Hamilton still has a shot at wining his first season
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    McLaren are idiots for tring it. They have so much money, why not develep everything themselfs. I don't know the story behind it but from what I've got it just dosn't make much sence.
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    This is why racing these days is so rubbish, the politics is 98% of it all.....
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    Well lets not jump to conclusions guys ... wait and see to what the FIA statement about their reasoning behind the decision says when they release it today

    As to designing things yourself ... he's my comment

    A lot of people in the Car and Racing industry are contractors (I'm not) and switch jobs frequently ... say there's a guy designing an upper wishbone at company x ... he then gets bored or gets a better offer to go to company y ... he goes there ... and as he's a suspension designer has to degisn an upper wishbone again ... and as it's in his brain he designs something similar ... so is that stealling from company x?

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    Quite a daming report ... wouldn't want to be Stepney, Coughlan, De La Rosa ... or possibly Alonso

    Still not too sure how they're going to give the thumbs up for the 2008 McLaren being 100% theirs ... it's impossible to determine!
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