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    Default Petrol prices rise

    Anyone else seen the new proposals by the Transport Advisers wanting to increase petrol prices even further and to enforce the 70mph speed limit even more strictly on motorways?

    Taken directly from

    "Petrol prices should go up to keep carbon emissions down, according to the Government's transport advisers.
    The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT) called for a "steady increase in fuel price to help control CO2 emissions".
    The price of fuel can be a "significant and visible element of overall costs of road transport", added CfIT in its report to the Government on transport and climate change.
    The commission said a proposed climate change committee should advise the Government on where and by how much fuel duty may need to increase.
    CfIT also urged greater adherence to the 70mph speed limit on the roads, with effective enforcement of the limit possibly saving around one million tonnes of carbon a year.
    And it said principles of "eco-driving" - such as accelerating smoothly, not braking sharply and not over-using air conditioning - might be incorporated into the driving test.
    CfIT's climate change working group chairman Michael Roberts, who is also director of business environment at the Confederation of British Industry, said: "This report stands out from others by focusing very much on the cost-effectiveness of measures to cut transport carbon emissions.
    "Our knowledge in this area needs to improve as it is vital to identifying the best economy-wide approach to meeting the UK's reduction targets.
    "It has long been recognised that we need to promote technological and behavioural change to secure reductions in transport emissions.
    "This report emphasises the importance of bringing together measures aimed at achieving both.
    "The Government's current approach already reflects this but could in our view be developed further to good effect.
    "Our aim is to ensure that cost-effectiveness remains a touchstone for policy makers facing the difficult yet necessary choices about how best to reduce the impact of transport on climate change."

    What does everyone else think of this? I think its absolute lunacy, it's clearly nothing more than a money-making scheme. Surely the government is getting enough money from the motorist to cover their supposed "carbon footprint" so why is even more money required?

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    You mean to tell me you didn't see this coming? I'm just waiting for the announcement that £1+ per litre of either petrol or diesel is the norm. I also see more road blocks coming from the truck drivers. And rightly so.

    The more expensive fuel is though, the more tax goes to the government. And we all know what they're like with money...

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    The one bit that made me laugh. Right you failed your driving test becouse you had the air con dial on 3 not 2, terrible.

    Has to be about monety really, motorists make sod all difference to the eviroment really, surly factorys, America and China make more pollution that this.
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    I must say that the "not braking sharply" part amused me. So if someone steps in front of you, you should gently press the brake so the person stepping out helps stop the car.

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    I know, it's madness that they want driving tests to incorporate ideas such as gentle acceleration and braking, and the use of air conditioning. I'm convinced the only reason the transport advisers have come up with these ideas is so they can try to give meaning to their insignificant jobs. It won't be long before driving tests will incorporate turning the engine off when going downhill, to "save" the planet". The temporary loss of steering is a small price to pay to save our planet. And you're right SupermAnthony, although using other road users to slow you down rather than the brakes is more environmentally friendly....since repair garages are now trying to use recycled components to fix cars damaged in accidents. Also after reading your first post SupermAnthony, it amazes me that diesel, the "greener" and more efficient fuel choice is now more expensive than petrol. It's complete madness, we have lost all common sense.

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    Lets all walk to college work school!!! Will only take all day to get there, can't they give an allturitve to the car. I mean my bus pass for college was close to £500 and thats a student price!! They can't expect everyone to use public transport to save the planet as its so rubbish so what else is there. People won't get out of car's the'll just spend more on fuel and stuff and that will hurt biness's becouse people won't have as much money.
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    i hear you on that pherelas, bus passes are a nightmare! My college offers free travel for those living 3 miles+ away from the site which is fair enough, but because i'm 2 away i have to pay full fare on a busy bus used by everyone that wants to go on the Wrexham-Chester route, even though many of the school buses go past my stop anyway. Well, i dont have the patience or the required stamina to walk 2 miles up hill every morning, or the required wonga to pay 90p each way. so naturally its the car. great, that helps...

    Also, Biodiesel, something which can be as simple as straight vegatable oil in your VW's fuel tank. Biodiesel is carbon neutral in itself, being as Co2 emmisions are nothing more than carbon which was stored in the the plants beforehand, rather than releasing carbon which has been stored for millenniums (fossil fuels) causing no problems.

    Here's the kicker. If you don't declare your production and use of biodiesel (AND PAY THE APPROPRIATE DUTIES AND FEES) then you can be fined and/or prosecuted. sorry but that is the government moneygrabbing.
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    I wonder how much fuel F1 use over a season, and whether they are paying for their 'carbon footprint'.....

    Interesting thought.
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