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    Default Lamborghini Reventon - 1 million euro supercar

    Lamborghini brings a new 1 million euro supercar that's based on Murcielago LP640. Wouldn't it be nice to have this on TDU? I think it looks awesome.

    Lamborghini Reventon

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    Looks.. Amazing to be honest.. Awsome thing! Apperently this has got the high 900+ BHP aswell..
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    The technology found in the Murcielago LP640 has not been modified. The engine in the LP640 forwards is the classic twelve-cylinder engine with 6.5 liter displacement. At 8000 revolutions per minute, the power reaches an astounding 640 hp (471 kW). The huge torque, equal to maximum 660 Nm, ensures a powerful switch from any number of revolutions
    0-100 km/h: 3,4 seconds and top speed of over 340 km/h
    0-62mph: 3,4 seconds and top speed of 211 mph

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    WOW this loks great, it's just really, a pointy murciellago But still one of the best looking supercars i've seen to date.
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    This is a testament to European design and the fun that creative freedom gives you especially if the only criteria is use the LP640 as a base and make it look like a fighter jet.

    Interior is stunning with all the carbon fiber and the jet cockpit replica HUD and such. Wheels as always are unbelievable, noone can touch Lamborghini in this department and the rear just screams exclusive. To own a piece of history like this would be amazing, I am seriously envious of the owners and loving the fact Audi will still allow Lamborghini control over the heritage of the Raging Bull in that it's named after a Bull that killed a famous matador (or something like that).

    Fear, Passion and Design is what this car says to me, my only crit would be the still boring steering wheel, they need to get more sport oriented with that thing, look at your old friend Horatio Pagani in how to do that!

    Side profile is more Diablo than Murcielago which I really like!
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    I think it's definately Superb. It also has a G-meter in the Interior.
    Sadly enough it only has 650bhp. 0-60 in 3.4 Seconds.
    Not as spectacular as they said it would be, but, it looks definately awesome!

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    I spent ages drooling over the pictures of it ... new destop piccie for my work pc I think!

    Does look a bit like a 'stealth' (knighthawk) in terms of inspiration.
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    Yes, yes, pictures are all well and good, but what does it SOUND like?!

    Oh, and the name is dreadful.

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    I'm a bit mental.

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    That looks the nuts in Yellow, good work Diablo.

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    They have definitly done themselves a treat with this car. Probably never see one in the wild but it just looks stunning..*drool*

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    Loving that top down view, it looks amazing! I've missed this thread til now somehow, but it really does look great, I agree with you Nodz, the yellow looks fantastic!


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