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    Soooo, since the interior was red and I want to spend least money possible, I recovered the old back seats. I am stunned how it came out!

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    After almost giving up this build, I finally decided to keep going and came back with lots of new ideas!
    I just ordered a complete kit containing all screws for the chassis and the complete body, so I can finally put on the parts that are just lying in the garage!

    In the beginning of 2015 I'll get a job for a couple of months and will finally be able to continue the work on the engine and start building up the interior. Stuff like roll cage and racing seats are most likely to come next year!

    So today I started working on the engine again, cleaning, masking and painting.. Was my first time working on an engine but I guess I did good, was all worth it!
    Tomorrow I'll drive there again to see how the paint looks when dry.. Then I just need to order a couple of parts and then I can start putting the engine back together!

    Here an engine that was hanging next to mine, that's kind of what it will look later!

    And if anyone is intrested in following the build on facebook, you can do so here

    Instagram: crisseh95

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    Im just losing my mind over this build, this is epic. Totally in love, keep going with the black theme, oh my lord. Makes me wish I had more space, to pull my Levin apart and do the same...
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