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    Default New Sloganizer thread

    Reply here so we can see your sloganizer!!!!
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

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    Try This one

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    Hello there !
    I'm a bit mental.

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    errr, diablo all what i can see in yours is a ">", even nicer than the rest

    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

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    LOL, Can't beleive we spent over an hour last night playing with this, lol.

    He's mine.

    God I am sad, I've been sat here refreshing the page for over 10mins seeing what they all say.

    I wonder if I refresh enough they will all say the same thing at the same time???
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    Can we use the Sexy Version?

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    I just got a good one on mine

    «Nodz - You see this name, you think dirty.»


    «Naughty little Nodz.»

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    HA HA !

    Look at mine

    I have the sexy version lol.
    Canada 2010 Ice Hockey Winter Olympic Gold Medal winners!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nige7 »
    HA HA !

    Look at mine

    I have the sexy version lol.
    lol, it was sexy until you put the word Saab in, lol (joke)


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