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    Default Latest F1 News

    I thought I might aswell start a thread which can include all the latest F1 news.

    I would like this thread to be used for the sole purpose of F1 NEWS. Not opinions on whos the best driver or who is likely to win the chamionship / next race etc.

    I will however accept views and responces to the news articles pulished

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Suzuka back on F1 calendar from 2009
    Saturday, 08, September, 2007, 09:46

    Japanese venue Suzuka will return to the Formula 1 calendar in
    2009 in a race-share agreement with Fuji Speedway.
    Suzuka, a favourite of drivers and fans alike, lost its right to host
    the Japanese Grand Prix when the Toyota-owned Fuji venue was
    given a five-year contract to run the event from 2007.

    But following a deal brokered by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone
    with Fuji Speedway president Hiroaki Kato, Fuji announced on
    Saturday that the race will alternate between Suzuka and Fuji
    from 2009 onwards.
    "We have concluded an agreement on the alteration of the
    Formula 1 Japanese Grand prix between Fuji Speedway and
    Suzuka Circuit, to ensure the progress and success of keeping
    Formula 1 in Japan over the long term," said Ecclestone.

    "I appreciate that Fuji Speedway accepted this and am very
    happy that Fuji Speedway and Suzuka Circuit made this possible.

    "It also makes me very pleased that we will retain Suzuka as it had
    supported Formula 1 for 20 years and the large amount of fans."

    In a statement, the Fuji Speedway organisation added that the new
    agreement was the best possible solution for Japanese motorsport.

    "The process started with FOA suggesting to Fuji Speedway that
    hosting the Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway in the east of
    Japan and Suzuka Circuit in the west of Japan every alternating
    year would be a good strategy not only welcomed by Japanese
    fans, but fans all over the world as well," read the statement.
    Just thought you might like to know
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    Default The Latest McLaren Spy Case Update.

    The FIA has made public a copy of the letter it sent the three McLaren drivers asking for any evidence they may have concerning Formula 1’s on-going spying controversy.

    In identical letters sent to race drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and test driver Pedro de la Rosa, FIA president Max Mosley said the sport’s governing body had been made aware that one or more of the team’s drivers may be in possession of written evidence relevant to the case.

    Quote Originally Posted by FIA Governing Body's Letter
    “In the interests of the sport and the Championship it is important
    that the FIA as the regulator establishes unequivocally and rapidly
    whether or not this allegation has any basis in fact,” the letter read.

    “The FIA therefore formally requests that you produce copies of any
    relevant documents which may be in your possession or power of
    procurement and which may be relevant to this case.

    “For these purposes “documents” includes all written materials such
    as emails, letters, electronic communications, text messages, notes,
    memoranda, drawings, diagrams, data,. or other material, stored
    in any physical, “hard copy” or electronic form.

    “In particular (though without limiting the generality of this request),
    the FIA wishes to
    receive copies of any electronic communications (howsoever
    conveyed or stored) which may be relevant to this case and which
    make reference to Ferrari, Nigel Stepney or any technical or other
    information coming from or connected with either Ferrari or Mr
    McLaren has declared that it will make no further comment on the spying controversy until next Thursday’s meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

    Quote Originally Posted by McLaren's Responce Statement
    “We understand that information has again been leaked into the
    media and consequently there is a desire for us to address the

    issues that relate to the meeting of the World Motor Sport Council

    on Thursday 13th September 2007 where we intend to make a strong

    set of submissions,” the statement read.

    “However our lawyers have advised us that as the case will be

    heard by the World Motor Sport Council on Thursday of next week

    that this is the appropriate forum for the matter to be discussed,

    and that the team and our drivers should make no further comment.

    “We kindly ask the media to understand this position.”
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