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    Exclamation CoD 4 BETA Banning XBL Accounts

    Basically loads of people have had there XBL accounts banned after playing the CoD 4 Beta. Basically the reason is because instead of signing up to CoDs site and getting there own code they have been using a mates or someone eles and this violates XBL Terms and Conditions (a breach of copyright or something like that).

    Heres an article from Major Nelson who explains it better than me. But basically if you don't want you Xbox banned always get your own content and never try to use a used code.

    Quote Originally Posted by From
    Xbox Live Bans and you

    Iíve seen a few stories circulating today about a huge Xbox LIVE banning related to the COD4 beta. I went and chatted with the ban hammer folks, and confirmed what I suspected: We did NOT ban tens of thousands of folks yesterday as some are reporting. As many of you know we do sometimes have to take action against accounts and consoles that violate the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Although weíre really impressed with the excitement around the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta, I do want to take this moment to point out that that the steps Iíve been reading about that some people have been trying to take to get in on the beta without their own token could very well violate our Terms of Use. Remember that sharing accounts isnít just a violation of the terms, which could get you banned, itís actually not a good thing to do in general. People can get details about you or content from you, or try to take action against you when you do something like that. It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe. Regarding the COD4 beta, the best advice I can give in a situation like this is try and be patient. We know you all want to play, and we think thatís great, but if you break the rules, you can be banned.

    I hope this clears things up.

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    Good that you posted this Nodz as a lot of people will be wondering about it. I'm also interested too as i am getting a 360. So thanks for the warning

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheScottishSpotter »
    Good that you posted this Nodz as a lot of people will be wondering about it. I'm also interested too as i am getting a 360. So thanks for the warning
    No probelms mate.

    If you want a code to play the Beta you have to go to the oficial site and sign up to be able to get a code for it.

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    Top banana, I was gonna use this little trick but glad I changed my mind.

    Shame the CharlieOscarDelta site takes an age to send the codes ;(


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