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    Default Best of each.

    So what's the best cars in Class ___? Or best starter car?

    I chose my starter car as the Saturn Sky. Last time I started with the Alfa 159.
    Best in Class E is the Shelby GT500.
    Class D is the Skyline
    Class C?
    Class B is Nardo.
    Class A is either/both the Koenigsegg CCR or the ME412.

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    ME412 is a bit better than the Koenigsegg :P
    I started with the Saturn Sky too, that was a wonderful car. Man I miss this's just that I've passed it twice, it has limited replay value

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    True. Its way too long. What you can do is get the Unlimited Credits code for GS, and obliterate the competition with the best cars. You'll have 99,400,000 left to do whatever you want. I haven't used the codes tho.
    I play, these racing games:
    1. GranTurismo 4
    Oh come on, let's be honest. GT4 has 720+ cars, 50+ tracks, and the best graphics.
    2. Test Drive Unlimited
    Koenigsegg! Honolulu! Speed! I love TDU.


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