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    Default My Polo, and girlfriends punto

    well i thought i should share my heap *cough* i mean car and my Girls Brill car.....

    here is a few pics of my polo (soon to be replaced with a company car)
    its a 1.2i with 15" BBS Alloys (thats in the pics) sadly i don't have any new pics mainly cos my camera got dropped. but anyways i'm taking her off the road when i get my C-Car and gonna tune it and do some Rad stuff to it!

    Now my girlfriends 1.6 2007 Punto, only Mods are a new air filter and Exhaust and new alloys and a respray, was orangy now is red.

    ^^^anyone ever noticed how the P looks like a a driver sitting down?????


    and here is a treat!!!! its her previous car a ford focus!!! enjoy
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    Bloody hell, what happened to the focus mate, obviously i know somebody crashed it, but how?

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    Looks like something quite solid, really spread out damage, wall? Nice cars anyway.
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  4. Mb
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    Orange would have looked better

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    That Orange was sexual man, why respray

    And your right about the P looking like a dude sitting haha, nice spot there
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    she crashed the focus whilst overtaking, pulled out and went straight into a bus LOL

    she scuffed the Punto today whilst reversing LOL still not sure why she resprayed though...

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    Long before the Punto was released, I read an article about how Fiat shaped the P to look like a driver. It's pretty obvious really

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    where abouts are you living, as that punto reg plate certainly isnt uk. They don't even do 1.6 grande punto's. Oh and look this is familiar
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    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    I agree with you Baldred all the Grande Punto photos look very professional i.e. Photo shoot for a magazine or internet site and the plates are from New South Wales in Australia.

    Another thing the Grande Punto only comes with the following engines:

    1.3/1.9 Multijet diesel.
    1.2/1.4 petrol & 1.4 T-jet coming soon.
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    Woo the crashed Focus oO
    Dont really like the Punto, but the Polo is really cool !

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldred »
    where abouts are you living, as that punto reg plate certainly isnt uk. They don't even do 1.6 grande punto's. Oh and look this is familiar
    I Think Baldred has got something here, The Punto Pics (First 3) are press pics and as Baldy has shown, the second lot are from a magazine

    Even the Quality difference of the polo pics and punto pics would point to would suggest porkies:whistling:

    Not only that, but the polo Pics have been Nicked From Ebay aswel as the Fact those wheels arent BBS



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