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    Default what is this

    i hav no clue what type of mercedes it is it kinda looks like a me four twelve to me four twelve to me
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    damn, i know this but cant remember, it looks similar to the slr but its like its fatter cousin

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    on first reaction i would say that its photo shopped, between Porche carrea Gt and the Merc SLR

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    Anda zonda, it has the short frount end. Also seems to have Lambo rear lights.
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    SLR Nose based on the Zonda, the doors from the Carrera GT, rear lights from the Gallardo, Spoiler from the Veyron...

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    lol probably doesnt exist i typed f2 mclaren in goog images
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    Quote Originally Posted by cocoki700 »
    lol probably doesnt exist i typed f2 mclaren in goog images
    It's a Mclaren F2 then...

    Put aside returns on flank from a long time (a good while) for life project of supercar of new mark already once again McLaren. Car will be successor of legendary model F1. First prototypes are tested on british ways already. Roots of models date from conceptual car called F2 P8. It was built (created) project by commonly McLarena and mercedes. It set up (found) smallest structure and cheapest alternatives for SLR. Chief of mercedes on start 2004 year, it has informed of it Jurgen Hubbert, that concern works upon car with engine assembled centrally. However, project has been delayed along with end code called 2004 year despite P8, that phase of conceptual study has managed to include it (him). There will be fruit of fetch of independent project engineer with (from) McLaren F2 Woking and it has appeared on it in (to) chance again marek (mark; mark) segment market topowych. New model will be built according to informal information in (to) integrity from carbon fiber. If car will go to trails fifteen years old F1, then unit will be placed under its (his) mask V12. Option is possible also setting up (bet; found), that there eight cylinders will be installed from ecological respects only.
    Text above is a translated version from the Polish text under the picture you are talking about. I used an online translator so that's why it's not perfect.

    Link to original site below:
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    all it is is mercedes concept car. i typed that in on google and that pic came up

    made by Nodz86. thanks alot
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    looks like one of the many 'photoshopped' ideas for the next Merc/McLaren that have been around for a few years

    however these days it looks/sounds like there will be 2 cars ... AMG doing a special for Merc ... and McLaren now doing their own new car ... there's lots about both cars in the motoring press
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