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    Default On Screen Photo's

    Is there anyway of taking screenshots of your tv like when you press print screen on a PC? The reason is that I want to take photo's on Forza 2 online for my club races. Is the only way to get a capture card and take still shots from that?

    Also can you save replays after a race online and come back was watch / record it after?

    Sorry have awnsered some of my own quesitons. You can save replys and watch later and then even take photo's while in that replay. Thats all I needed it for. Alos got my dvd recorder working and will take a look at the quility in a sec. Still think it would be good to have a piece of kit that you plu your xbox av leads into and has hdmi and componant out to plug into your tv and then firewire or usb to compter so that with a click of a button on top of the box is take s a screenshot and another one starts recording whats on the screen. Would work for sky box's, dvd players and everything, is there anything like this out there?
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