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    Default Seeing unread posts?

    I dunno if this is meant to be but I've found recently that when I posted, a few hours later I go back on and click unread replies and it always comes up with mine even tho I've read it. Its really annoying me.

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    When you first post and it redirects to your post you haven't actually read your post as you haven't clicked on that thread you have just posted on. I know it's doesn't make much sense, but one thing I do is after posting and knowing I haven't got any new posts to read I click the link at the bottom of the board saying "Mark Forums Read". This way anything new is as it should be.

    It's a hiccup with this forums software is all.
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    Thanks for that, I got confused.

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    Yer happens all over and is a real pain., vBulletin planning an update or don't they do that kind of thing?
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    I wondered about this also. Thanks for the explanation Diablo!


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