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    Default Stranglehold

    Anyone else dl the demo for this? I think it's a right stormer. The precision aiming is about as much fun I've had in a shooter since Resi4. Try shooting an enemy in the middles and not laugh.

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    Thats the new Max Pane near enough isn't it, its on my downlaod list but when my xbox is on im always on live so dosn't go very fast.
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    It is a lot of fun but I'm not sure if it's worth a buy though, don't get me wrong it's a fun game and it will appeal to those who like Time Crisis, Max Payne and even a bit Hitman and the fact that you can essentially destroy everything is very cool indeed but it's just not my kind of game, I guess I'm growing up. lol

    The direction and Tequila-time is very sweet though.
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    I guess diablo. Im 16 so I'm sitting my highers so just trying to let out some tension.


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