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    Default Are PSP's worth it?

    I'm thinking of getting a PSP becouse they look quite good. I can read reviews all day but most of them are from people who have it for a few hours. Anyone who own's one, are the good, what do they do well (they list feature but they might be a load of rubbish and not working with.) Its things like the wi fi internet browser, how good is that? Also the range of games, are they any good if so which ones.

    Basicly what I want to know is if its worth paying £120 + for one. Oh just thought now migh be a stupid time to get one becouse of the new one coming it, if thats better might be better to get that then there will be all the old ones in stock hopefully going cheap.
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    Yes and no.

    Yes: You can use them as a control for your PS3, Surf the internet if you have a wireless connection, store music and video's so are good for long plane/car journeys.

    No: Hardly any good games for it, the new ones coming out next year, and for the price you could get a Wii.

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    I have a Japanese Import PSP (got it 6 months before release over here, now thats cool XD)

    The serial code on mine is also 1000, which is quite cool...

    Anyway its good, but i hardly ever used mine after it was released in the UK as then it wasn't so cool to have one LOL..

    But they are good for the money IMO, make sure you get a bigger battery if you plan on watching movies away from a plug socket though.
    oh and a big memory would be wise also to store movies lol (i have a 2GB attached to mine), and the internet browsing is cool, but gets annoying quickly, good if you can't get on the computer for any reason though.

    Just my thoughts...
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    Don't expect first-person shooters or GTA to be any good on it due to lack of second thumbstick.

    However, there are some superb games for it.

    Lego Star Wars
    Everybody's Golf

    And those games should be quite cheap now, too.

    The screen looks awesome, too. They got that dead right.

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    I might give it a pass then. I don't really care about films and music as I have a decently MP4 player for that. Its games and internet really and if thats rubbish tis not worth it. Oh and I don't have a PS3 and probably never will unless they come down to £150 so not much use there either.

    Thanks for your help though.
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    my psp wifi switch is broke now it wont let me play online

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    Get it upgrade it to 3.50 then downgrade to 1.50 and put a custom firmware from
    I have Gran Turismo using a PSX emulator. Also got games that you can't get in America on my psp by download.


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