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    Default Help Khevolution with a new pc

    ok at the moment this is just a thought, and more of a christmas pressie to myself but im either considering upgrading what i have now or buy a new pc altogether

    at the moment i have a dell and to be honest it has done me proud, i used to be able to play GTA:SA with highest graphics on and the highest AA available, not a problem

    but lately im not sure whats happened, but my PC seems to be struggling with even the most basic games and thats after i reinstalled windows and started all over again

    now i used to think that building a PC was a quite expensive thing, but a few people have told me i am wrong (whats new there)

    now im just wondering what i would have to upgrade to get my PC running theses newer games smoothly (mainly TDU ) and depending on funds maybe at the highest settings

    anyone know of a program or website, where i can find out what hardware my PC is running so i can help you guys advise me, cause i am aware that not everything is compatable and depending on other things im running limits my choice,

    so yeah pretty much anyone who can help at all would be greatfull

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    I've never really got ungrading, your putting nice pieces in all your old stuff is going to drag it down normally. Brother has just built a PC (well build, looked a bit like a 5 piece jigsaw puzzle) which was loads cheaper than my PC yet its loads better.

    I know sod all about PC hardware so can't really advise you about anything but oh well.
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