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    Default A Question..I hope that you will find a solution..

    Hello all, yesterday I bought a PSP with the games TDU and Burnout Dominator.

    I love both games since I'm a car racing/simulator games' fan But I have a problem with the controls of the TDU. I really hate steering with the analog button. I prefer to steer with my d-pad and use the d-pad functions on the analog when i play TDU, I searched the web, I checked the settings, and in a review it says that we can change the controls to steer with d-pad but I still didnt find out how to do it.. is there anyone who knows how to change these settings to control the car with the d-pad? or is there any patch or something like this for me to install on my psp to change the control settings? I wish that you know a solution for this..

    Thanks in advance,


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    Tried looking in options on the main menu? Search thoroughly

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    Shouldn't there be an option where it swaps the controls around for you?

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    go to options game controls and it might not have a function to switch steering wheel my xbox 360 didnt
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    yeah, on PS2 you can't change around the controls. Most newer racing games on PS2 that use the d-pad for extra functions don't allow you to modify the controls.

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    Too bad..but at least i am getting used to that analog thing..:bananajump:

    Thank you very much for your answers to my question. :bananasplit:


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    The Analog Sticks are way more precise and sensitive than the D-Pad. If it weren't for those, I would suck at GT4 and at TDU. I can't play with that.
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    If it helps you can go into options and change the sensitivity of the steering

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruize »
    If it helps you can go into options and change the sensitivity of the steering
    See the date. The last post is September last year. Pay attention, as if they care about this still now... There seems to be a lot of these from various members recently, can everyone just pay attention to the date so you don't bring up really old threads, it's pretty simple to be honest...

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    Default i need help

    i was wondering on the PS2 version on TDU how do turn on and off the car ??

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    Yeah, it's a bit of a pain steering on the PSP version of TDU but you'll get used to it. The worst thing about it is the handbrake though, it sucks more than a Garrett GT35R. Oh, and the game can't load scenary fast enough when you're going 265mph+ so the road disappears and you fall into the water . Because of that i've only reached 278mph in my ME-Four-Twelve.


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