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    Default Too bad

    Take a look at this beauty car
    The girl who owned it has selled it to a guy and that guy has putted the car on e-bay


    (Topgear sayd: that girl is a b**ch)


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    i knew something like this would happen, if is hasn't happened already, it was only time before it did

    you see some students on this program, who are dead broke then PMR go and mod there old banger, HOW THE HELL CAN THEY NOW AFFORD THE INSURENCE!!!

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    He should sell the parts in the car separately he would make much more money. No one is going to buy this car looks ridiculous.

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    Yes the colors are awefull ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Lr-SpeedraceR »
    Yes the colors are awefull ^^
    Yeah, but it would still be cool to drive it around and get loads of attention!


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