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    Question Strange goings on with live

    I've just finished playing a game of FIFA on XBL and something strange happend. It went to the end of game menu and I selected the option to leave a player review as I always do.

    But then it come up disconnected from XBL in them alert boxes (the same one as when u get an acheivement or someone comes online), and theres a message on the in game FIFA screen saying that you have been disconnected from XBL as someone else has logged into your account.

    At this stage I think my account has been hacked so I quickly log back in and change my password. But now all my friends on my friends list are offline instead of showing when they where last online, which is strange.

    Has anyone else had this happen or do you know if all your friends change to offline when you change your password?

    Any help or past experiances much appriciated as the last thing I want is to loose my account.

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    You have a password?

    I thought you could only accssess you accoudn from your xbox or on a memory card if you take it somewhere else. You probably just had a small connection problem and it still wasn't working properly after so it didn't pick upi your friends, if any it wouldn't have been all of them hacking into your account.
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    Everyones got a password for their XBL its the same one you use for Windows Passport this is what gets you access on, Forza website, any other site that uses the windows passport.

    Its slowly sorting itself out not friends wise as once they log in then out agian it shows when they where last logged in.


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