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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo »
    Almost 1:1, that's not too shabby mate.
    Yeah, uploads a good bit higher than they said (13 I think?). Download should be higher but I'm on a wireless connection that's a bit touchy..

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    Wish I'd done a speedtest in one of our DCs. 45Gb/s is not too shabby for an upload speed. I'd have a guess at the largest DC we have 100+ as there are 3 times more servers there.

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    I just cracked 1.1Mb/s downloading BF4 from Origin. That's pretty much a revelation in my house, any more and I'd start to wonder what had happened to my internet connection overnight.

    My mum can now apply for BT Infinity (76Mb/s down, 19Mb/s up), but I tried explaining it to her and it seemed to go straight over her head

    Meanwhile I'm stuck with a maximum of 8Mb/s down and they are still only evaluating my exchange for the potential of 'super-fast' broadband.

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    It may have taken a few years and required moving out but you can finally welcome me to the world of decent Internet speeds

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    Welcome to comfortable internet browsing Ry.
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