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    Who knows that money might prevent pay-to-play and payware DLC's Or maybe they can buy more licenses for more brands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadfoot[YT] »
    They're making a little money right now by giving various sites "exclusive" rights for the first week of releases (this includes screenshots and trailers).

    That must be why we don't have any exclusive screenies here, Baldy (nudge, wink)

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    New screenshots

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    Some are old, but those tunnel shots look new...

    Maybe they just now released those pictures from the early previews.

    BTW, now we can see that dark Aston a bit better in that night racing shot, it seems it is just another DBS, and not the V8 Vantage we thought it was earlier. I see the same bumper and bonnet intakes...
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    Those tunnel shots look awesome

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    Yea nice pics. And again they still use the same cars, no new brands.

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    Thanks for the images although a bad choice of image host imo.

    The new pics are nice, especially like the shot of the Gumpert driving away down the tunnel. There is only one thing I'd do to improve it, use a new car.

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    Then I woke up in France...

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    The Aston lights look good but the Gumpert seems to have that fly alone sparkle still. lol

    Nice though, thanks for the headsup.

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    They are nice shots, but it's too much of the same cars. At least they weren't more Audi Q7 shots..

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    ingame 'news' plug for the tdu2 site went out today...
    worthy of a mention?
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