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    Well when i was in Maverick Motors i set up a trade service just for our members and am going to set iut up for tdu central members (and yes i will make a loss on every sale)

    From now on i will be creating any car you want
    (excluding promotional,dlc and some prize cars Eg chrysler me412)

    I can :
    Change the colour
    Upgrade the car
    Add some milage/ add very low mileage
    Car exchanges

    And all this at a price no higher that $500,000
    (Cars over $750,000 from dealer do not apply to this pricing although deals can be done on special occasions granted i have my own stock and cash)

    Dealerships Colour list

    (Also Standard Factory colours available)

    Fire : Red with yellow highlight
    Wave : Light blue with white highlight
    Radioactive Green : Very bright green
    Candy pink : Pink with light purple highlight
    Moonlight Black : Black with white highlight
    PoweR : Red with Black highlight (NEW)
    ExtrEmE : My special blended colour

    (Ask for details if interested)
    (More colours will be added)

    All paints come at Less than $20,000 (Dependant on car)

    Please add the requested colour to your requested car

    (Some cars are NOT Resprayable)

    If you wish to view your requested car before you buy it
    then leave a message here and ill arrange a meeting time and place

    (sorry no test drves)



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