Salut :)

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    Smile Salut :)

    Hi all
    Yesterday evening I was cruising on TDU and I met a group of player doing the same with their old lovely G-Class cars Then I drove with them, that was really cool
    And they spoke about TDU-C forum, so I'm here now ^^
    The players was TheScottishSpot, Carboy, MartijnMezguer, SINGER, and I dont remember the others sorry ^^

    Now about me, i'm French (so sorry if my english is not perfect ^^), I'm 19 and i live in Metz (North East of France). I love all racing games, and TDU is a great racing game I like also IRL all the things wich deals with cars and racing, i like music, video, party, etc ^^

    I think it's all...

    I forgot, I play on PC, my name on the game is the same as here -Lr-SpeedraceR


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    Hello SpeedRacer. First of all Welcome to the forums, be sure to check out the PC TDU forum for Club Information and other useful things you might want to know.

    Hope to see you on the island!

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    Bonjour et accueillir aux forums

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    Hey, nice cruising with you yesterday . Glad you decided to join the forums too!

  5. Mb
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    Hey Speedracer!
    Now i'm waiting for my DB4 to arrive at the dealership...
    Then i'm also going to buy one of these Maserati 3500 GT's.
    Then i have all the cars in game, except for the cars you win.

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    Hi Speedracer welcome to the forum.
    TDUC PC Club find out more and how to join|Twitter @TDUCentralClub

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Lr-SpeedraceR »
    ...and I dont remember the others sorry ^^
    Rofl, he doesn't remember me *cries quietly in the corner* I look forward to cruising with you again

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    Now I remember you, at start you were always far away back of us ^^
    Thx all for the welcome

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    Lol yup, that was me, just so you know it was because I was watching Tomb Raider, not just because I'm a really slow driver

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    Why drink and drive, when you can drift and slide.


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