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    Angry gta iv delayed cuz ps3

    GTA IV has been delayed and not by a few weeks, till next year! Sad, but true. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular, controversial and profitable videogame franchises of all time and yet Take 2 Interactive and Rockstar have decided to put the breaks on the money train.
    Why? What does it mean for Rockstar, for the Xbox 360 and for the Playstation 3? What kind of impact will it have on the gaming world in general?
    To discuss Rockstar’s bold and unexpected move, we’ll have Rebecca Swanner, Senior Videogames Editor for Penthouse Magazine and blogger for Joystiq, Kevin Kelly.

    its all because of ps3 it takes longer to make game fdor ps3 dammit
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    Lwsbrck has already posted about this here:
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    i foun out 2 days ago but i didnt see hus post until now
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