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    Default Best RUF (Porsche) in Test Drive

    Hello, i'm going to buy a car pack for test drive and I wanted a car pack with the best
    RUF (Porsche) in the game, so which RUF is better the RUF Rt12 or the RUF r turbo and the looks also are very important!!
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    Well I would say the RT12 seeing that it is based on the 997 base which I am very fond of.. I would go for that.. I'm pretty sure it's faster too I've thats what you're looking for..
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    does somebody has pictures of the two cars to compare .
    and I have a another question which RUF is the best looking car if you're inside it.
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    if you want piccies search this forum ... Diablo used to take piccies of the cars in the dealerships as each download pack came out
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    Well, RT 12 and Rturbo are definitely the two fastest as far as i am aware (RGT is slow -like class D). Unfortunately, I do not own the Rturbo and thus cannot compare them, but I was always under the impresion that the Rturbo was faster. The RT12 has a pleasing interior, is not a little bland. And the green gauges can be a little funky, but they work well and can always be seen. For drifting, the preffered one is the turbo, but as you didn't mention this i don't know if it's important. The RT12 is very fast for a B-class (when tuned); moreso for it's top speed (called 226, higher as with all cars in tdu) and acceleration than it's handling (it can get a little tail-happy, and even want to go rear-out on high-speed sweepers (think southeast of island). Hope that helps.

    With my experience, the rt12 is a very good car but i can't accurately compare them wwithout owning the other... sorry
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