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    Default RS6 Crash

    Just been sent this over good old email, a little old but haven't seen it on here ... lots of discussion about it at work for obvious reasons (obvious to those who know me anyway).

    The car 'was' and ABT RS6, and yes this was one car.

    The driver according to the blab on the net is the guy in the grey shirt! supposedly he got out unharmed and phoned the police! however I can't get on to to find the full story.

    The guy was VERY lucky ... just look at what is left of the passenger seat!

    Still trying to work out how he managed to peel the car in 2 ... time for the techy bit ... if you notice all the spotwelds have ripped along the roof, floor and around the pillars!
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    That is well bad, he must have been giving it some to split it in two but then what did he hit?? the tree's look like they never got hit.

    Where was it?? looks like he's got Luxumburg number plates on.

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    Wow! That car is... well... not going anywhere fast.

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    If you look at the second picture there are bits under the next tree down towards the bend. This is the tree he hit and it took out the right side of the car. The force of this spun the car round and it split in half.

    So he went round the bend too fast and understeered into the tree. That's my guess of what happened.

    But wow thanks for the pics.
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    Well if you look at the second pic looking back towards the bend you can justy about make out the door trim from the passenger door ... just to the left of the guy sweeping up
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    Also on that tree theres a bandage thing on it and the other trees haven't got one

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    just little body damage. it could stillbe fixed

    made by Nodz86. thanks alot
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    I remember when this was a pretty huge discussion about a year ago over the net.. Very lucky guy..
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    I've seem this before, no idea where though. Very lucky but how did that happen, I though audi suppose to build there cars really well, didn't think they would tear apart like that.
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