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    Default Another Internet Connection Problem

    This is a long shot, as the problem me and my friend are having seems pretty unique. We both have TDU and can both play the game fine independently. We can join MP races (albiet with extreme lag thanks to living in Australia and only having 512kbs), we can see people and instant challenge them- hell everything works as you'd expect it. However, if we try to connect to each other via the map, no matter how many times, locations filter settings etc, we cannot spawn on each other. So hell we thought, that's been known to be buggy so we tried to join an MP race. If one person hosts, then the other person can see it but if they try to connect it simply times out and vice versa. Thirdly, we tried to make a club. If we both went in then we couldn't see each other. If we tried to intra race we simply had the MP race problem. Is trying to meet up with a friend supposed to be THIS difficult? The only thing that could be linked between us is our ISP and exchange. Surely this isn't the problem right? We have both port forwarded and played around with different accounts, but to no avail.


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