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    Default You lot still play Forza 2?!

    Yo guys, long time no see!

    Haven't been on in a while, but in my boredom recently, I reckon I'm going to go and buy Forza 2 tomorrow just to keep me entertained. Just wondering if you lot still play it online much? Haven't seen the guys I've got on my friends list on it that often recently (but then barely been on my xbox!). Sat on the original Forza for a few hours the other day, and just the customization of the cars (nevermind everything else) is enough to make me finally want to buy it!

    Whilst I'm here, of Game, Gamestation, Asda and HMV, where is likely the cheapest to buy from instore (and will be open tomorrow, hence mentioning these stores)?

    Hopefully I can see some of you online tomorrow!

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    im playing Fm2 almost everyday (if i dont have any running around to do after work, ya know.) i fired up TDU friday night, to D/L the new car pack, and man was i shocked. i never realized the lower frame rate TDU has compared to FM2. the new cars look great, but i cant pull myself away from Fm2's multiplayer and paintshop. i bought NASCAR 08 as well, last tuesday, but havent played it since. lmao
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    Haha, dude, I played the NASCAR demo on my brothers xbox (didn't want to taint mine with it :P) and thats 40 I will not be shelling out!

    Reckon I'm gonna go get FM2 as soon as I've smartened meself up a bit, spent a while on the forza central and forza motorsport forums last night, cant wait.

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    Check out amazon they had the limited edition cheaper than the normal edition so did tesco online site (not in tesco shops). Everywhere else like game and stuff are all about 40 for normall and 45 for limited unless you go HMV and virgin where they are 45 and 50 respectively.

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    I will start playing it again lot now, have been quite busy up to now. Its such a great game, everyone who is into racing games should have it.
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    I'll be on Forza but not really for online races but hey I'm always up for a few!!
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    Just got it from Gamestation in the end, Asda didnt have any in

    Ah well, don't mind, its a great game so far, the sounds are simply stunning as far as Im concerned. Ill probs be online later for some races, don't expect me to have good cars though :P

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    I have it, still haven't got in full control of the Paintshop. :P

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    havent played it much lately, have been on tdu most of the time, but im gonna start playing some more fm2 now.

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    playing it on and off in between TDU and reading Potter
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    just finished potter, back on forza. ordered TDU from play on friday though so by tommorow it should be delivered and ill be on TDU again.

    oh yeah, are selling TDU for £18 now. THATS INSANE FOR A GREAT 360 GAME!
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    i'm even gonna play it in 5 minutes !!:bananasplit:

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    You lot are bumholes! I've been getting at least a message a week on XBL from one of you lot saying, "get FM2/when you getting FM2?", now I go and buy it you all play TDU!

    Nevermind, FM2 is reet good, gonna go and have a go on it online now.


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