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    Default Dug Out My Sega Saturn

    I dug out my Sega Saturn about 4 weeks ago and found that I had some pretty good games for it. After completing Resident Evil I decided to go for the longer game and slipped in Disc 1 of Panzer Dragoon Saga and before I knew it I was at Disc 2, then Disc 3, then Disc 4!! God, what an amaaaaaaazing game it is! Time flew while I was playing it!!! I forgot how great it is! Anyway, I've just sold it for a whopping 95!!!! I don't mean the Saturn, I was talking about Panzer Dragoon Saga! Who would've known it was such a sought after and rare game. I gave it 9.6/10 on Gamespot. I shouldn't have sold it, I want to play it again!!! But the money is going towards Assassin's Creed and another couple of games that come out this year which I'm undecided on!

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    I did this recently, i dug out my N64 though, i forgot how fun the banjo games are/were!

    i actually bought the very rare banjo tooie from a car boot, boxed, manual, full inside packaging, box in good nick...yada yada yada for £10, at the time they were selling on ebay for £40. i was taking photos, all that when i just though 'ill just make sure it works...'

    the game stayed in the console for 4 months, the packaging buggered, Manual torn. but i had a bloody lot of fun on that game
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    Same here, I found a ton of my Gameboy games and my Gameboy, I turned it on not seeing what games were on it and I was playing Pokemon again. I got addicted to Pokemon for about 3 hours that day then left it.


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