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    Talking Drift Anyone ?

    Hi !

    Wondering if anybody wants to come for a drift kinda cruise?
    I've just started drifting and was wondering if anybody will come out and show me how its done (H)

    Also, would be great if people that are also learning to drift would come =]

    So i don't look 'that' bad lolz

    Anyway , Xbox Live = HuDyMa 72

    So add me yea !

  2. Se7eN is offline Yea for N1PPER!
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    What times do you normally play?

    I won't be able to play this weekend because I'm going on a trip but I would like to drift with you. I'm learning and N1PPER is helping me (YaY!)

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    Hey! I know you! we were drifting like all of yesterday... i'll add you asap.
    Making power at redline doesn't make you faster. Making more power at whatever rpm you are at now does.
    -Dave Coleman (SCC)

  4. Hudyma 72 is offline BiiK3R BOiiZ - club owner
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    i play pretty much whenever...

    But like..

    weekdays, goota be 4 o clock onwards..

    weekends... i just play when ever but dont play FULL STOP ...

    i play on average about 4 hours a week ... i go out alot though ...

    but its possible to play l;ike 40 hours but i dont like the sound of that ... :O


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    if u wanna get better to drift or learn how its done sign up at this link

    myself and nipper will be teaching people to drift.

    EDIT: if u dont got Hardcore Mode dont sign up.
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