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    Lightbulb e3 wishlist

    what games do u guys wanna get from e3 07 post below oh and i didnt hear anything this e3 about tdu2

    1.Gta IV
    2.Assassins creed
    3.Call of duty 4
    4.lalalala 3
    5.Rock Band
    6.Star wars the force unleashed
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    1. Assassin's Creed
    2. Resident Evil 5
    3. Call Of Duty 4
    4. Metal Gear Solid 4 (I may be forced to get a PS3 just for this game!)
    5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Still no Alan Wake shown. Damn, I want more of this game!!!!

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    #1. PGR4
    #2. GTA IV
    #3. lalalala 3
    #4. CoD 4
    #5. Rock Band
    #6. MoH Airborne
    #7. The Orange Box
    Lots of droolage over what was shown...
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    Rock band and GTA IV all the way, they were the best 2 games on release on the 360 imo. Other games I want on 360 are GH3 (not that it will be that good compared to Rock Band), PGR4, CoD 4, there was a few others and some arcade games but I can't remember them atm.

    Also GT5 on PS3 this will be the only game that will make me buy that expensive paperwieght.


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