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    Exclamation The Test Drive Series

    Look at how many Test Drives there have been! I thought that there were only a couple before Unlimited!

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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    i know, there has been hundreds

    the first racing game i ever played was Test Drive 4 on PC (though i did play pole position on 2600...)
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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    Sadly, most of them have been rubish, concidence?
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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    Quote Originally Posted by FA430RGT »
    Sadly, most of them have been rubish, concidence?
    your rigth on that one

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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    wow lol i new there were a few but not that many

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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    haha wow i have test drive 6 for gameboy.

    i cant believe that test drive unlimited came from a game that was sooo bad like test drive 6... well at least for the GB it was bad. lol.

    i literally have the game in my hands right now... its like owning a piece of history lol

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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    Unlimited definatley kicks ass tho.

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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    I remember playing the original Test Drive on the Commodore 64. It was so great at the time and was what pushed driving games forward. The only problem was getting the game to work, any of you that had a Commodore 64 know what I mean. It took years to load just to select the car. Then a decade to load the mountain road only to find the taped stopped running before it loaded so you had to start again. The fun times of 80's gaming.

    But when it worked which was like a 1 in 10 chance it was like heaven. I remember waking up early Saturday morning and the challenge was to get the game working before the good cartoons started on the TV. The best bit was the full H pattern gears. You only had a one button joystick with 8 way direction so if you selected manual gears you had to hold the button down and then manually move the stick into the gear it was so cool at the time .

    You had to learn to do it quickly because you could not steer at the same time, so you could only change gear on the straights. Then add twisty mountain roads slow lorries and the cops on your tail it was more than any challenge you get in games today.

    I think I only managed to get to the top once or twice and your reward was you could keep the car and that was it.
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    Default Re: The Test Drive Series

    Oh my god :O
    I thought about Test Drive Unlimited as the first game in the series! Now that you mention the game boy game, I searched in my gameboy-box and i found a copy of test drive 6 too. Haha

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    I remember Test Drive: The Duel, you raced a porsche 959 and a ferrari F40 against eachother. That was one kickass game, the best ever. (brings back good memories)
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    the only twoive played where unlimeited of-course and eve of destruction

    made by Nodz86. thanks alot
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