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    Default The Car Spotter Thread

    Alright, this is where you guys can post pictures of the nicest exotic and supercars you've seen... The main point of this thread is to show people like MartijnMb. that he doesn't have a monopoly on seeing the best cars on the streets...

    You guys can post the nicest cars you've ever seen (pictures optional, though encouraged), and when you've exhausted all the pictures, keep the thread going by telling us of any nice cars you saw that day... (Sorry if my grammar's screwed up... Haven't had much sleep the past week... so many damn projects)

    It should go something like this:
    (I'm Car Freak BTW )
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    theres a exoctic showroom like 5 miles from my house. one day i will go there and take some pics.

    made by Nodz86. thanks alot
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