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    Default i preordered juiced 2

    As the title suggests, i have preordered Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights!
    I am so happy i can use proper spelling and grammar! LOL
    well i hope it is better than number one. Especially with the driving mechanics.they were STUPID! and i played no 1 today.
    ps i preordered it on ps2.
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    even a dog licking its own genitalia would be an improvement on juiced 1!
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    LoL.. I remember when Juice one came out.. I wasn't feeling too well but I had it for a rental just for that day.. Normally if I was dying I would still play the rental before I had to take it back.. However I played this one for like 5 minutes went to bed and once it was gone whilst I was asleep my reaction to this was "Meh...".. Says it all really!
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    wow this brings back memories, sitting on a beach in egypt playing juiced 1

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    juiced 1 was crap and there isnt much improvments on the second one.

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    That was a game that I played for a day, how I don't know, it was so cheesy. I think it was the fact it was so easy and I could acctuly win races lol. Was a shocking game and am not getting number 2. Oh and I didn't buy it it was my brothers game.
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    I waited until Juiced was in the $3.99 bin at GameStop before I bought it :P
    Its not too bad, I like some of the customizations and the game features are kind of cool, racing with a crew, placing bets, etc.... But I was generally disappointed. Not at all what I thought it would be. Though I still have it and play it occasionally.


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