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    So I'm not new to racing games, but I am to TDU. I've been doing well so far, but as the races get harder and I've finally gotten online I've began to think that maybe I'm not as good off as I was in NFS:MW (one of the top something on XBL in my prime).

    So, I'd like to ask for some tips or help. Anything you can think of that is really important to racing. Turning, speed, I have no clue. Anything at all to help out a new and very interested player would be great.

    Thank you sincerely ^.^!

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    In any racing game the same basic theory applies; Less haste, more speed.

    Seriously, there's no better advice. I forget to follow it all the time, but my best laps in any game are always set when I'm at my most relaxed. The less wheelspin you get and the more accurately you can follow the apex the better.

    Simply slow down for the corners enough. It sounds stupid, but so few people do it.

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