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    Angry Steering Sensitivity

    Hi, im new to this forum and im an ok driver id say, but theres one problem, i plugged my microsoft steering wheel in one day and was having a drive as so, so then i changed the steering sensitivity to try make it repsond a bit later and test with it so i did, then a day later when i went on with me controller and it was all over the place, so i cahnged it back into the middle and it still wasnt like it was when i first started off, so i changed it again and kept messing around with it to get it back to its default handling, and i cant get it the same way, ive been looking for a button or something to put all the default settings back but i cant find it and its driving me mad because i just want the steering sensitivity back to the same way/default so can anyone here help me with it?

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    I found this after buying a wheel with Forza 2 .... have't used it since !!!!

    On TDU when driving hit the start button and go to Options and there is an 'Enable Wheel' toggle switch ... make sure it's turned off if you're using a controller
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    yea yea thanks that worked im glad its back to normal thanks alot.

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    Speaking of steering wheel settings, what are people setting their steering wheels to for TDU? Specifically, people using the MS wireless wheel?

    I am looking for a sweet spot, so that it is not too sensitive when dead centre, but still enables me to turn corners. There are three slide settings and I have been playing around with them a lot.



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