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    Default TDU The Movie (Just Practice)

    I made this vid a long ass time ago..what do you guys think...O and i know the quality suxs but its more then just looks right?? its more about skills...and i did this with my club DUI

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    Yup, saw that a while ago. I've been around that loop on the highway abit myself in my Saleen (SuperChevy showed me).
    Drifting isn't bad, tho the quality hurts my eyes. :-(
    But what's up with the braking while drifting? That's just not right! When I broke my fingers I learned to drive without braking and that's the best thing that's ever happened to me. And the drifts are just as long, faster, and look better without the braking.
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    thats them when they drifted and i only do that to make sharp turns since going 50 on a sharp U turn means trouble...but when my xbox gets fixed ima get back to just drifting in TDU and drift in forza when i see ppl doing it too and not doing the career...still was badass drifitng with Josa and Chevy on that highway
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