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    Default 'ello

    Hi all. So i'm from England and i've had TDU for a few weeks now on the 360 and just hit champion (month off work ) so I finally have access to hardcore mode and have started the drift learning cycle. just happy I've found a community that, on first impressions, isn't full of reprobates so i can maybe find some drift partners - although i still need alot of work Anyways, just a quick intro, take it easy and i'll probably see you in game..

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    to the forums boheleven.

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    Welcome to the site..
    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...

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    I play the PC version, but I'll say welcome to TDU-C nonetheless. Have fun and Enjoi!
    [[ Method In The Madness ]]

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    I've got the PC version too - I bought it - then was given the Xbox version, and as i had a wheel for the xbox i used that

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    Welcome to the boards boheleven!

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    Welcum to the show and meow from the resident kitten.


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