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    Default Driver of Crashed Veyron Fined £400

    Remember the crashed Veyron from the thread that FA430RGT started???

    Well the driver has been to caught and recieved a £400 fine and 9 penalty points on his liscence for driving without due care and attention, he was lucky not to get 2yrs for dangerous driving. The car is now back to the Bugatti factory in France for major repairs.

    Here are some quotes from the article and the link to the full story:,,2-2007300193,00.html

    Soni’s brother Kumar, 41 — who bought the car just 10 days before for his luxury vehicle lease business — was said to have gone “ballistic” when he arrived moments later.

    Anthony Wilcken, defending, told JPs in Staines that Soni was not trying to show off.
    But he added: “It is of course not every day that someone gets behind the wheel or is a passenger in the sort of car of which only 300 are made.”
    In other words he was showing off.

    Legal experts told The Sun that Soni, of Shepperton, was lucky not to be accused of dangerous driving, which carries a possible two-year jail term.

    The eight-litre supercar, which does 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, has been sent back to the Bugatti factory in France for major repairs.

    Soni refused to comment after yesterday’s case, driving off in an Audi TT.

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    Wow well 9 Points? I wouldn't be one happy bunny.. I remember hearing a story that when the older brother reached the crash he said to the younger one "Just wait till we get home!".. Still That must suck bad for him
    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...


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