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    Default Stupid question: How to drive bikes?

    I know, dumb as hell.

    I play with a keyboard and the bikes are a true pain, they have a huge lag between turning, their turning radius is bigger than most cars... basically they are horrible to drive...

    How should i do it? Am i doing something wrong?
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    i have no idea, seeing as i don't have the game yet, lol. but i hear that they are horrible to drive, and Atari did a awful job with incorporating them into the game

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    You need a joypad with analog sticks to ride well, since the way you use the gas and the brakes is really relevant in a corner.

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    I think they should have made the bikes easier to ride, I just dont find them fun... The main problem is they take far to long to come back up from leaning into a corner, so it feels like the whole control system is lagging out..

    They shouldnt handle perfectly seeing as theyre so fast at accelerating (it might make the game unbalanced) but the way it is right now doesnt work for me.

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    I use a steering wheel ( Logitech Wingman Formula ), and i think it's easy. When you reach 300+ km/h, the steering becomes to sensitive, but it's good fun.

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    I think it is a stupid question, because you said how do we DRIVE bikes :S I think you mean how do we RIDE bikes


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