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  1. Baldy is offline Wibble Wobble
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    Default Forza 2 Section

    Hello, We at Tdu-central would like the general opinion of members, on whether you would like to see a forza 2 section.

    Please vote in the poll above, and comment on any features you would like the section to have in this thread.

    Thanks for reading.
    Tdu-Central Moderator.
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  2. Nige is offline Buy American ....
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    Hell Yeah !

    We need it !!!
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  3. goingtoooofast is offline Just a Deadman
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    Oh ya, we all know how fast forza is spreading.....

  4. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    I was gonna suggest this as tyhr General 360 driving games board is full of Forza topics but as I have made alot of suggestion lately I thought I'd leave it to someone else.

    Also within a Forza 2 section I think there should be two sub sections:

    One for Trade to post what cars you are selling on Auction or cars you want to offer to forum members for leass than you are selling for on Auction.

    Also a sub section for car pics as this is what seems to be alot of threads regarding this.

  5. Mb
    Mb is offline The Photographer
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    Good Idea. This might be a TDU Forum, but we keep TDU alive
    And then, make a Car Showroom topic, instead of zillion topics from different Persons :P

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  6. SCR4MBL3R81 is offline TDU Junkie!
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    there are plenty forza 2 forums out there, not to mention forzacentral, in which i've seen a lot of tdu-central members active, and moderators.

    there are already forza 2 threads in this forum under 360 general driving games etc... do we really need it?

    Do we really want Forza 2 "infecting" a community for a completely different type of driving game. Dont get me wrong I have forza, and absolutely love it, and yes it has taken up all my playing time, from which TDU is suffering. I just dont think we need a dedicated Forza Section in here.

    Ask yourselves, how many members of TDU have registered on forzacentral and the official forums, do we need another one to check?

  7. YeOldeTDUMan is offline working too much
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    I think it's a good idea, althought I'm registered on Forza Central I can't be bothered to check on 2 forums each day, so would be good to have a decent Forza section to this to make it more of a "driving game" forum rather than being TDU specific, which it hasn't been for a while

    as to features in the Forza 2 section, ideas as follows:

    1. My Cars (the cars you own or have created)
    2. Events (races, drift comps, cruises(well the ring is long enough for a cruise) etc)
    3. Auction House (to show cars you're about to put up for sale, talk about good deals you've got)
    4. Swap Shop (a place to arrange deals for gifting cars ... guess you're all too young to remember Noel on a saturday morning!)
    4. Videos
    5. General Pictures (for those wanting to show great smashes, races, drifts, meets)
    6. General Forza chat (for nothing that fits in to the above)

    Well that's a few of my thoughts
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  8. ShadowGT is offline I <3 Boobies!
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    I'm against it. We are a TDU forum not a Forza 2 forum. anyway if we make a Forza 2 forum then that means sooner or later people are gonna start asking for other games to have their own forums. so no i say keep it the way it is. Anyway it's not like the way it is now is a bad thing.

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  9. nitrox is offline HC ES ! <3
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    same as shadow, this forum is designed for TDU players, not for FORZA 2 players

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  10. Who
    Who is offline It's not a tumor.
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    like it or not this forum has alot of Forza threads, and they cant just be left cluttering 'xbox360 driving games' there are other driving games about, but the threads about them get cluttered amongst other threads about forza 2.

    i mean, if i were to make a thread about the fantastic new screens/videos/interviews about PGR4's weather effects it would just get mixed in amongst 'look at my baby' threads...
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  11. FA430RGT is offline Hoods and Alley-ways..
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    I voted yes.. Simply because it will keep me on this forum (not that I'm sayign I'm leaving or anything)..
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  12. craigie is offline I have the...
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    you have to remember that the TDU community has been around for nearly a year now (september) and many of us have been talking nothing but TDU for much more than that on various forums. I know many members of this forum now have little interest in TDU and are sitting and waiting for the sequel (me included). A forza section would keep this forum alive in the long run, i believe. It will be years until TDU2 is released, the forum will have to change slightly if it to survive in this time

    Therefore my vote is, yes...
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  13. Pherelas is offline I'm Going Slightly mad
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    While I do agree this is a TDU forum like anything it needs to adapt to stay alive and active. If not a forza 2 section when not a subsection in the genral 360 section? That way you can have other games while still keeping the main tdu feel. (sorry if this has been said, only skimmed the other posts).
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  14. viper4shane is offline Member
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    No. this is a Test drive unlimited forum not a forza 2 forum. if you want a forza 2 forum go to the official website.

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  15. bigbcraig is offline Making Skidmarks
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    Well, I voted yes, and agree very much with Craigie. For the forum to stay alive, it needs to adapt.

    However, on the other hand, I don't want the forum to get overrun by forza people. And I don't really see any way around that if a forza section is started, and gets popular. If [the forum] is lucky, the people who join this for forza will be like those who joined for tdu - people tired of the BSing that will inevatibly happen on the forza site.

    and yes, i joined forzacentral, and it sucks. actually, after having been active on this forum for a while, other ones really start to look like rubbiish ( in general appearance/neatness as well as orginization). and on that congrats to diablo and baldred (and other mod's if there are others i missed)

    so, what was I saying?

    yes to forza2 section. just, for the people who came for TDU and are active on it, don't let it overrun the best racing/driving game ever.
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  16. Baldy is offline Wibble Wobble
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    thanks for the views everyone, anyone who hasnt commented and would like to please feel free as there is plenty of time left. And to bigbcraig thanks it means a lot to know we are appreciated
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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  17. SupermAnthony is offline Man Of Steel
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    I would like to see one too. I visit the official Forza site a lot but only to check out auctions and post my own. We have a nice little community here, and although it would be nice if we could have the same thing over at the ForzaCentral forums, I believe the majority will be newcomers and it won't feel the same.

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  18. cocoki700 is offline Speed Demon
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    this is TDU-CENTRAL not FORZA-CENTRAL like viper4shane said if u want forza go to the official website
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  19. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    A few people are saying that this would not be a good idea and that if they want Forza use a Forza site, which is fair enough, but if you look on Forza Central they have a dedicated TDU, GT, and PGR section which they might have had to do to keep the site alive whilst waiting for the next install of the Forza series. So as I've said before a Forza section would be good as the 360's General driving section is mobbed with Forza threads which to some is a pain when trying to find a PGR thread and might get a few more members in the process.

  20. FA430RGT is offline Hoods and Alley-ways..
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    What Happened here..
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