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    If you haven't seen already in the Hot Fuzz topic we have added a new bbcode called spoiler. To use it all you do is use the [ spoiler ]Text[ /spoiler ] tags (without the spaces between the []'s) and type your text where 'Text' is shown. This will put your text on a red background and the text itself will be red with a black dashed border around it and a note informing that the below is in fact a spoiler.


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    Cheers diablo thats a great feature will there be a button for it soon?
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Wow, first time I've seen this in a fourm, mos other times we'd right in White, but this is so much better..
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    atari has one, and you can select the colour. groovy

    for example


    so on, so forth...
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    another good feature to the site

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