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    Default Welcome to our newest member, Hayness

    Hey hey guys!

    I picked up TDU for the PC on Monday and been having a great time playing it since. My favourite single player missions are the delivery missions (Package and car delivery) but online play is where the funs at, I love cruising around and joining others on the road. I am totally addicted to bikes in this game, awesome feeling squeezing through traffic at 340km/h with another few guys online. Though the cars can be fun for some sedate cruising around the island, which I also enjoy very much.

    I have been gaming religiously online since I was about 13, mainly playing flight / racing / combat simulators so TDU is a bit of a change, I'm also currently playing Red Orchestra and Armed Assault.

    Thanks for making these forums guys, I'm sure I'll enjoy them.

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    Welcome to the board mate. Glad to see more pc players but you probably won't see me online because we'll be on at the wrong times

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    Meow there! Sorry I oversaw your intro.

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    Welcome! The bikes are good but I just love to smoke them round the corners! Koenigsegg ftw?
    [[ Method In The Madness ]]

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    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...


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