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    Default Supercharged K20A Civic with a pervy french teacher paintjob *For sale*

    Have a big french exams tomorrow and I thought about how pervy my french teacher is in class. He's an asshole as well. His nickname is Jacko by the way,that's why it's on the car. Now he has his own fully spec'd civic. No expense spared on this engine and sussy wise. Supercharged K20A. Crazy paintjob included. Can be put onto a stock civic if you really want.
    Starting price is 65k and it ends in 8 hours. Buyout is 75k. This car cost a hell of a lot more to build. Prices would be around the 10-15k mark for a standard civic. If the price bothers you much we can come to a deal and I'll put up a new auction.


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