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  • It's the Xbox 360

    13 72.22%
  • I am for the Nintendo Wii

    1 5.56%
  • The PlayStation 3 will win

    4 22.22%
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  1. Vergil is offline Just a Skidmark
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    Post Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Nintendo Wii

    What do you think will win. The PS3, the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii?

  2. FA430RGT is offline Hoods and Alley-ways..
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    360 Hands down.. Well at least for now anyway..
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  3. superturismo is offline Hot Hatch
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    Xbox 360

  4. nitrox is offline HC ES ! <3
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    ps 3 ==> NO test drive
    wii ==> NO test drive
    360 ==> TEST DRIVE, and best console anyway

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  5. ShadowGT is offline I <3 Boobies!
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    PS3!! i played a Demo of Motorstorm at a store & it was.....well lets just say i needed a new pair of pants it was that cool hehe

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  6. Who
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    would be alot cooler if it had vibration features and was &#163;200 cheaper though
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  7. ShadowGT is offline I <3 Boobies!
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
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    true but it's still good as it is. Xbox 360 is too similar to the old xbox & the Wii is just a gimic that will get old very quick. PS3 combines best of both worlds & has superior graphics. *P.S typing on my GF's rubber bendy keyboard sucks hehe *

    Leader & Founder of the "Ponies of War" Gaming Comunity

  8. Who
    Who is offline It's not a tumor.
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    thing is though, PS3 forgets its a game console. Its trying to be a PC (linux) a next gen movie hub (blu-ray) social networker (home) and at the end of the day, Gears of War still looks better than anything ive seen before.

    360 has got probably the best online service, exclusives and definately the best pricetag (of the two) and that reflects on the really poor sales rates they've been getting out for PS3. Personally i think that PS3 is more like the old xbox than the 360 is.

    When the xbox vs PS2 was going on xbox was: chunky, black, more powerful but comes at a hefty pricetag, compared to the PS2 which was cheaper, more elegant, wider selection of games and had been out over a year longer, and the controller felt better.

    now, 360 is what the PS2 was, and PS3 is what the xbox was, its gonna flop.
    Formerly Crazed Dodgem/Lwsbrck

    I'm not dead!

  9. Mb
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    Xbox360! It has Forza 2 and TDU!

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  10. S71NG3R is offline Car Aficianado
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    The problem with the PS3 is the Blu-Ray player. It is what delayed the PS3 and the main reason it has a high price tag. Because of the delay it lost a lot of fans because they moved to the Xbox 360.

    Sony dropped the ball because all the time spent during the delay they didn't think of using the time to develop lots of exclusive AAA titles ready for launch. This was very bad management because you are only buying the PS3 for one reason lots of games to play.

    If you buy a PS3 today you can only play the odd good game and just keep praying good games are finished soon.

    There are so many good games for the 360 Sony really are going to have a hard time to catch up. They are also losing exclusive titles and that was their main selling point for the PS2.
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  11. mclaren8080 is offline Exoticar Driver
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    i voted ps3 but all of u voted 360 cuase u all have a 360

    made by Nodz86. thanks alot
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